little travelguide

 It’s a big world out there, full of exciting places to explore, experience and enjoy. Start exploring the world with an open mind. Travel far enough to meet yourself.

There are 5 points which helping me to explore the world, might be useful for you :


Have A Local Journey:

This is something a lot of people forget; our local areas are the huge tourist destination for someone else. First, we should take advantage of that & explore our local areas. An adventure is always an adventure, maybe a mini road trip or a long drives on weekends.

Visit Your Family/ Friend Places:

This might be saving the money, but it is a wonderful thing to re-connect with your beloved ones. Also, it makes you feel blessed and loved when you travel with your family/friends & it makes for a great travel companion. This helped me to expand my dream (goal) to explore the world.

Allocate/Save For Travel Separately:

If you love traveling and have a passion to become a traveler, start allocating some part of your income/cash for trips. So that you can’t wait for someone else lending you money (borrowing money), your trips with your own money are more enjoyable & stress reliever.

Travel During Off-Season:

Going off-season is a huge thing for me, not only the price but the volume of travelers will be low. So that you can enjoy peacefully (not among the crowd). I prefer less crowd at the tourist places, so that I can enjoy more time peacefully with nature and the locals.

Explore more Seat Sales:

Seat sales can be a huge price saver, check your emails/Google and find out about the promotions/discounts going on at airlines/Travel package provider. Then decide the destination and explore more countries at your budget.